Weak Hips – Bad Back Series

No More Pain From Having Weak Hips

It’s in the hips…it’s all in the weak hips. A wise saying from the ever so powerful and life changing movie of Happy Gilmore. That could be said for different facets of our lives. If you dance, they need to be tight yet fluid. If you move boxes all day for the moving company then you need to get your hips under you to avoid messing up your back.

Weak Hips equals bad back and more pain

The inside look of the hip muscles

So what if you are just a guy sitting on his computer. You workout a little bit but you’re not here to win any beauty pageants. First off…don’t see yourself short. You are beautiful snowflake. Second of all, the average Joe Smo should value his hips even more. For all his life he has taken them for granted.

The athlete cares more about his hips than he would like to let onto. But if you see a football player on the line before the ball is snapped, you better believe that that gorilla of a human has his hips bundled up ready to explode!

Back to the guy who doesn’t give a shit about his hips but “works out”. You always make sure to hit chest and back, then gets on the leg press machine for 3 sets of 10 thinking that was a leg workout.

Wake Up Call

That was nothing. Your weak hips happen to be the connection between the legs and the upper body but they did nothing. So where are we left. So what are left with underdeveloped weak hips that don’t stand a chance in the normal everyday activities of sitting in a chair 10-12 a day.

I will not stand for having weak hips. we will actually not be able to stand all because of the baby chick muscles we call our hips

Next Steps Before You Can’t Walk

The hip flexors are one of the most misunderstood muscles out there. Most people assume strong legs means strong hip flexors. They could be correct, but they also be very wrong.

These muscles attach to the back and more specifically the lumbar spine. I have had this issue for the last 5 years. Tight hamstrings, weak hip flexors and bad back. I like to call this the triangle of stiffness (copyright in the works).

So what the hell can I do for it? Only god knows and your local chiropractor…ok actually there is a lot you can do


-The simple machine of good girl / bad girl. Sit down and simply take your legs and open then up against a pad. Then on the reverse close them against the pad. These sons of bitches will hurt and make you walk like a penguin the next day.

-Squat till the cows come home – no more leg press for us. And let’s hit parallel. We don’t need to go ass to grass, but you can work up to it if you want.


Now that you are growing some muscles to support those hip flexors we need to make sure that they are not overly tight – which they will be.

-Hamstring stretch by touching the ground or toes – there are a few variations out there but it’s important not to lock your knees. You want them slightly bent so the emphasis is on the hamstring, not your entire leg

-Take a knee and then really drive into the it. You can place your body on either side of the knee but you want to feel it near or around your inner goodness area.

-Last, the butterfly – sit down on the floor and try to place your bottoms of feet together. If you are just starting you will NOT be able to do this. Start slow and work your knees down eventually.

It’s all about doing it day by and day and making this part of your lifestyle moving forward. No quick fix for the weak hips.


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Weak Core – Weak Body

Leave the Weak Core in the Dust!

“I wish my back didn’t hurt so much.” How many times a day do you think about your back. If you ask me, I would say every day, multiple times a day. Poor genetics? Nope. Lack of mobility? Maybe. Weak Core muscles? YES! This is something you can’t learn by yourself. When I visited, Gray Hawk Chiropractor, they were really able to dissect the problems areas in my body. And this being the Core article, you guessed it…it was my mid section

One the biggest reasons you have a bad back is because of your puny and pathetic weak core muscles. I’m not talking about the beach body, bikini body 6 pack that are oiled up in every movie. I’m talking about the guy on the job site can’t stabilize his stomach and core muscles so he then uses his legs and lower back to jerk the beam up.

A weak core is now a staple of the average person’s life. Based on simple guess-a-nomics I determine 1/3 people have a weaker core than they need to have in order to perform well in their daily life. This is a wide open spectrum, but either way it’s true.


For example, your average house wife doesn’t need to be able to stabilize her core muscles to be able to life the beam from the bottom shelf to the top shelf. However, when she see’s a crying kid on the floor or a full bag of groceries, she needs to be able to get down and rip that object off the ground without sacrificing her lower back.

I hear about it all the time. Women with larger than normal chests complain about having to deal with the constant front pull of the weight. that adds up over the years and results in nagging pain.

Then you have your business man clocking in 9-12 hours days at the office. And 99% of it is sitting down at his desk on his computer. He may be able to afford a fancy soft lamb leather chair, but as the hours pass, his butt sinks and he folds over himself. This then causes undue stress on his lower back and hips.

Back aches, hip pain, weak muscles – sign me up for the doctor now please! He needs to stomach and ab muscles that strong enough to last the day without him having to exaggerate his posture.

strong core leads to less trips to the chiropractor and massuse

strong core vs weak core

Strong cores do not need you to constantly remind them to be strong. That’s what they are and they do it well. So the next time you hear someone say make sure to keep your body in an upright position, tell them you can’t. And it has to do with your weak ass core.

So i issued two examples of this, but you may be wondering…do i have a weak core?

Do I Have a Weak Core?

These muscles must be strong to avoid trips to the doctor

The muscles that make up a persons core

Here are 4 quick ways to diagnose if you fall into the trap.

-Lower Back Pain – DUH This may be the easiest one to discover. If you have lower back pain and you think you DON’T have a weak core then you are delusional. This is the number one indicator and should be taken seriously.

-Bad Balance – Is it hard to stand on one foot or reach for things on the side of you. Well then welcome to the club – your core sucks. You should be to at least perform daily tasks without having to think about balancing. If this is not the case sign up for some fun core work.

-Poor Posture – Bad back and poor posture go hand and hand. And what do they find at the end of the road – weak core.

-General weakness – if you feel weak and can’t do a lot of physical activity then your core is bad. Yes you may be fat and out of shape, but you can still work on your core.

I hope this was eye opening to you because this is just the start of our journey into finding out how to better ourselves in strengthening our core muscles and core determination to be better everyday.

Come back later to find out exercises to get of the right track.


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Healthy Body – 3 Types of Massage

Find The Touch to a Healthy Body

Will massages help me find my perfect healthy body? Have you ever wondered what massage was the best? Because you know I have! Ever single time I see an add for a massage or rub down. I like the idea, but am hesitant to pull the trigger.

Today, I will be review 3 types of massages that are common in the world of back pain and muscle soreness. Let’s go look for your healthy body!

-Swedish Massage

-Hot Stone Massage

-Chair Massage

The best chiropractor recommends healthy massages

Massage for better health and happiness

They each have their own pros and cons, but this will be a great start into finding out what massage is best…for you!

Swedish Massage

When people think of a nice old fashion massage – their are usually imagining this.  The SM or Swedish Massage uses a combination of these basic movements:

-Long sweeping strokes, usually that begin and end the session

-There is then a nice kneading and pushing effect that can really break up tight muscles

-The term “friction” is used to apply intense focused pressure on a particular area using the fingers or elbow

-And tapping which is used in almost every single movie about this technique. This has the hands rapidly touching the body in succession.

-Sounds pretty nice right? 🙂

Hot Stone Massage

Massage for Chiropractic Healthy Body

Stone Massage with Candles

I can feel it now. Laying down in a candle lit room, sensual music and the gentle heat of some stones. They are placed ever so gently on the back and all around the body.

-The heat works as a source for removing deep tension in muscles. The blood is rushed to warmth and then the blood then reduces the amount of inflammation or stress.

-Another feature about stone heat therapy is the relaxing and soothing nature of it all. Hours staring at a computer screen builds stress and raises the stress levels.  This creates fat and lethargic experiences. By having a therapy session, it can increase endorphin’s and allow for the person to drift away.

Chair Massage

This is the most practical and cost effective type of massage our there. You can see this type of muscle massage everywhere. This includes airports, malls, strip malls, resorts and on the sidewalk.

-The customer will “fall” face first into the chair with Thai body being supported by padding. The face will fit inside a doughnut hole. The arms and legs to hang to side.

-Personally this is not my favorite if I could choose. If you have is $50 and 30 minutes to spare.

-The head, neck, shoulders, and upper back are the primary targets of this therapy, but it can evolve into a full body with arms and fee included.

-This has been know to be intense Thai massage style and can be quite painful if you are truly tight. The strong hands of these experts will drive into the meat and loosen up manually, No soft touch here. It’s all about getting the job done in the allocated time limit.

So these are three examples of massage techniques that are used to relax and sooth the person. There is not a single answer that could give you for the best type or where you should start. However, I would say that you could never go wrong with the class Swedish Massage.

The next time you see someone with an ad, sign up and give your body a break.


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Back Pain – 3 Exercises to Fix

No More Back Pain

Do you have back pain? Have you tried everything? Well look no further – read below to see how I went from having constant pain and weakness – to no pain at all.

I’ll first list out all the exercises that my current chiropractor showed me.  I will illustrate them here so that you can review them if needed. I’ll dive into some commentary and quick tips that maximized each part of the movements to fix the back pain.

1 – Pelvic Lift

2 – Hamstring Stretch

3 – Superman

This is the list of today’s top 5 exercises that will aid in the development and reduction of lower back pain. All of these videos will be available in YouTube, but I’ll link out a few of my favorites to boot.

Items Needed For Exercises:

1 – Towel or Padded Mat

2 – An open area of flat solid surface – grass or soft carpet is not the best for these

3 – Loose fitting athletic gear – guys shorts or women leggings. However anything that you can move and not feel restricted will do.

4 – Some water to make sure your muscles are not tight or get cramped

5 – Phone to time each hold

6 – Some music – nothing too loud, but something that will keep you upbeat and active

7 – Great attitude! You are taking the first step towards your recovery and the life of stress free movement

The Pelvic Lift

This is an abdominal strengthening movement that will require you to be on the floor. Now as you can see from the video – you want to have you knees bent and brace your abs. If you have current back pain – once you brace your abs, it will relieve the pain almost immediately!

Next, place both your arms to your side and use them as a anchor on the floor so your weight won’t shift from left to right.

Last, focus your attention on you pelvis or butt, and thrust up in the air. Remember – we want to focus on using the butt, hamstring part of your body.

Go up and hold for 3 seconds – then lower back down to the floor. That is one complete rep of the movement.

Now i recommend that you complete 8-10 reps – take 1 min break and then repeat 2x more times. This would be a total of 3 rounds.

Don’t go more than you can do to begin with – because believe me,  if done slow and correctly, you will feel tired.

Hamstring Stretch



This is by far my favorite stretch to relived INSTANT pain from the lower back and resolve any tightness in the body as a whole.

You will continue lying on the floor – this time have your feet spread out as if you were laying in bed.

Next, bring one leg close to your body and pull slightly under the knee. This will feel a pull on the upper hamstring near the hip.

This is an extremely simple but effective motion that will help the bottom and top of the tight muscle.

Hold the stretch for 5 seconds

Complete 8-10 reps – with 3 rounds each leg

Video below:


Chiropractor Exercise - Superman - End Back Pain

Photo 1 – Before Photo 2 – After


Alright…we are almost done!

At this point stand up for a few minutes – get some water and hang in there. You should already start feeling better, but not completely done.

Remember – the tortoise wins the race,. while the rabbit pulls his back muscles 🙂

When you are ready – lay back down on the ground – FACE DOWN – this time. You should be in a neutral relaxed position with you arms at your side and your feet out – toes flexed or not – doesn’t matter right now.

Ready? You will need your cape for this one…

I want you to flex your core and make sure you feel solid. Then put your arms out like you were trying to “flap your wings” and fly.

Leave them there.

When you are ready and tight – first flex your butt.

Then at the same time – raise your ups  off the ground – this should only be a few inches.

Also raise your legs off the ground.

Now we are not trying to bend our body back, we want to essentially flex the each muscle.

Hold for as long as you can – but ideally 10 sec. If this is your first time – You will NOT get to 10 seconds. Work up to that and feel great!

Ok try and work your way up 8-10 reps – but start slow. This is a tough one.

You made it and survived! Your back will feel tight but loose – this is good. That means blood is now circulating around the area and it will grow in stretch and continue to develop good habits.

Please check back as there is much more to come – this only the beginning to your out of this world chiropractic discovery. This is not a quick fix – think of this as a new life, just waiting for you.



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